TAGS-6 Gravity Meter
(Turnkey Airborne Gravity System)
with Aerograv Data Processing Software

Features and Specifications
TAGS-6 Brochure

TAGS-6 (Turnkey Airborne Gravity System) represents the latest development in a long line of LaCoste-based airborne gravity systems, stretching back to the first successful airborne gravity flights in 1958. Over the last 50 years, LaCoste gravimeters have acquired hundreds of thousands of line kilometers of gravity data during academic, government, and commercial surveys. TAGS blends the latest in GPS and data acquisition technology with the solid foundation of the LaCoste dynamic gravimeter.

The TAGS-6 gravity meter is an upgrade to the Air-Sea System II, designed specifically for airborne operations. The system incorporates a time-tested, low-drift, zero-length-spring gravity sensor mounted on a gyro-stabilized platform. The sensor has a worldwide gravity measuring range (no reset necessary) of 20,000 milliGals.

New Features

  • Smaller sensor/gimbal (60%)
  • Lighter sensor/gimbal (30%)
  • New slip ring technology on the gimbal makes for a more robust and reliable stable platform
  • 20 Hz GPS and gravity data: Better GPS and gravity timing
  • Larger range of aircraft pitch and roll
  • Full feedback 500,000 mGal range on beam: more robust in turbulence
  • Double oven temperature control
  • Temperature controlled electronics
  • Microprocessor control
  • Separate, rack-mountable electronic unit and computer allow for more flexibility in configuration
  • Lockable gimbal

Comparison with Original TAGS

  • 100 times the dynamic acceleration range
  • Larger Pitch (25° vs. 22°) and larger Roll (35° vs. 25°) ranges
  • Static Repeatability improved (0.02 vs. 0.05 millGals)
  • Reduced Power requirements (75 vs. 240W)
  • Greatly reduced size: 48% smaller (59 x 53 x 56cm vs. 71 x 56 x 84cm)
  • Greatly reduced weight (73kg vs. 140kg)

  • Shown above is the original TAGS next to the TAGS-6. Note the size difference. Also note that the new design eliminates the need for safety cages (not shown installed on the original system).

    AeroGrav Software

    Included with the reliable, high precision TAGS-6 gravity meter is the state of the art AeroGrav data processing software. Raw field data from the survey aircraft and GPS base station(s) can be immediately processed to produce the free-air and Bouger gravity anomalies along survey lines. The processed data can be exported to mapping packages such as Geosoft Oasis Montaj™ or the Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) for such tasks as survey line leveling, gridding, and mapping.

    Applications include

    • Geoid Mapping
    • Petroleum Exploration
    • Regional Geophysics
    • Mineral Exploration

    For a complete list of applications, specifications, and example data, please download a pdf version of the TAGS-6 brochure here.