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Micro-g LaCoste now offers a complete suite of absolute gravity survey services, including both observation and data processing, to the geophysical, explorations, and metrological communities. Applications include primary control for relative gravity networks, long term vertical deformation and subsidence monitoring, monitoring of underground fluid movement, and calibration of inertial navigation and force measurement systems.
  • Micro-g provides absolute gravity survey services at outdoor and indoor environments world wide.
  • Past survey projects include vertical uplift monitoring in the New Zealand Alps and water flood injection mapping in the harsh arctic environment of the Prudhoe Bay oil field. Micro-g has also provided 2 µGal accuracy calibration reference points for high precision metrology and calibration laboratories located throughout the world.
  • Our experienced field scientists and engineers, together with our absolute gravity instrumentation, ensure absolute gravity data products are of the highest quality.
  • Micro-g's proven g absolute gravity data acquisition and processing software uses advanced data processing techniques. The software ensures that geophysical, environmental, and metrological corrections are applied according to strict standards agreed upon by the scientific community. Independent (re)processing services of absolute gravity data are also available.

Current Instruments Available for Field Work

  • FG5 Absolute Gravimeter

    FG5 gravity meter metrology survey

    FG5 instrument in metrology laboratory.

    • Absolute Accuracy: ± 2 µGal1
    • Measurement Precision: ± 1 µGal
    • Integration Time to 1 µGal: 1 hour
    • Operation: Indoor and Outdoor (Protected Environments)

  • A10 Absolute Gravimeter

    A10 gravity meter winter survey

    A10 instrument during winter field survey.

    • Absolute Accuracy: ± 10 µGal2
    • Measurement Precision: ± 5 µGal
    • Integration Time to 10 uGal: 5 minutes
    • Operation: Indoor and Outdoor (Exposed Environments)
    • Acquisition: 30 minutes minimum including setup, occupation, and tear down time

All Micro-g field survey isntruments use Micro-g's g Absolute Gravity Acquisition and Processing Software. The software produces clear, detailed reports of all acquisition and processing parameters. Preliminary reports are available immediately on-site. Absolute gravity surveys performed with the FG5 include determination of the local gravity gradient with a Scintrex CG3® relative gravimeter.3

Absolute Gravity Data (Re)Processing Services for previously acquired data using Micro-g g software are also available.

Previous Customers4

  • British Petroleum Exploration, Alaska
  • U.S. Army Metrology Division
  • National Science Foundation
  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • Columbia University
  • JILA
  • National Imagery and Mapping Agency
  • U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • U.S. Geological Survey
  • N.O.A.A
  • C.I.R.E.S

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1Based on observations taken at the NOAA Table Mountain Gravity Observatory.
2As determined by comparison with an FG5.
3Gravity gradient determination also available with A10 surveys.
4Included are both direct and indirect contacts. Refrence contacts and example reports are available upon request.