SeeG3 Windows-Based Download and Graphics Utility for the Scintrex CG3-Autograv Gravimeter

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SeeG3 Version 2 Enhancements

  • Includes and Improves upon all SeeG3 v1 features.
  • Includes both Longman and Berger Earth Tide Corrections.
  • Includes Polar Motion Corrections.
  • Includes correction for meter drift.
  • Includes correction for barometric pressure deviations.
  • Improved graphics capability

SeeG3 Version 1 Features

  • Quick and easy to learn.
  • Windows serial toolbox replaces DOS-based iDump.
  • Supports upload of CG3-Autograv format data for quality control of archived data.
  • Sorting tool allows viewing of data by station, header, or time.
  • Raw data view allows quick editing of field gravity data.
  • Graphics object provides visual quality control capabilities.
  • Runs on all Windows platforms.
  • Statistical information for line and station integrity checking.