As of September, 2006, Micro-g Solutions, Inc. and LaCoste Romberg will now operate as a single company known as "Micro-g LaCoste---A Division of LRS". By operating together in a single location, Micro-g LaCoste can more efficiently design, build, and support a wide array of gravimeter systems and gravity survey services. This merger combines the strengths of the oldest-best established name (L&R) in the gravity business with the absolute gravity company (Micro-g). The new company will focus on absolute gravimeters (FG5, A10, FGL), dynamic gravimeters (Air/Sea II and TAGS), and borehole gravimeters (BHGM). In addition, Micro-g LaCoste will provide specialized reservoir monitoring (land absolute and borehole gravity) services. Micro-g LaCoste also provides a remote monitoring portable earth tide gravimeter (PET) using the low drift/low noise zero-length sensor developed at L&R.

The premier land-gravity survey gravimeter, the CG5, will be manufactured by Scintrex Ltd, located in Toronto, Canada. Scintrex also produces the world�s best cesium magnetometers (CS3). Please visit the Scintrex website for further information on these products.

It is our sincere belief that our reorganization of Scintrex, L&R and Micro-g will best serve the gravity community as a whole. We are very excited about the future of gravity measurements, and look forward to working with you to solve your geophysical problems.