"Kronos": GPS-Disciplined 10MHz Rubidium Clock

Micro-g is proud to offer the Kronos Timing System for its absolute gravimeter systems. A built-in GPS receiver (when connected to an included GPS antenna) automatically and continuously calibrates the built in Rubidium clock.
  • GPS signal provides Cesium-based standardized 10MHz.
  • Automatic calibration of internal clock so as to always provide exactly 10MHz.
  • Internal clock remembers last calibration value, so it is still nominally 10MHz if GPS is not available.
  • Precision when disciplined: < 1.0e-11
  • Precision when not disciplined: < 1.0e-10 (for 1 month)
  • Communicates with g Software to retrieve location and time information (can automatically set the computer time to GMT).
  • Included ruggedized (permanent) single-frequency antenna.
  • Included GPS antenna cable (15m).
  • Included amplified splitter (for additional GPS applications if needed).
  • Outputs include 10MHz sine (for gravimeters), 10MHz TTL, 1PPS for additional laboratory applications.

  • Click on the links below for detailed views of the front and back of the unit.

    kronos Front kronos back
kronos front