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News! Oct 3, 2016: Scintrex is pleased to introduce the CG-6 Autograv™ Survey Gravity Meter. The CG-6 Autograv™ is the next generation land gravity meter combining a modern, intuitive user interface with our renowned quartz sensor technology housed in a rugged yet lightweight enclosure. The new CG-6 offers fast, reliable and precise gravity measurements and includes an array of mapping and post processing functionality with our new LynxLG software conveniently installed on the tablet computer, provided as a standard feature. Please click here for more information.

News! March 1, 2016: Micro-g LaCoste is pleased to announce our seventh, biannual, 2016 edition of the Absolute Gravimeter Workshop. It is to be held here in Lafayette, the week of September 26th through the 30th. Please click here for more information. See you in September!

News! April 2, 2014: Micro-g LaCoste proudly announces the release of the MGS-6 (Marine Gravity System). Based on the full force-feedback sensor that is used in the TAGS-6, the MGS-6 represents the quietest, smallest, most robust marine meter every produced. Please click here for the details.

News! March, 2013: Micro-g LaCoste invites our friends and colleagues to link their gravity related "Google Scholar" profiles on our new Gravity Bibliography page.

Scintrex icon Micro-g LaCoste is a division of LRS, and we encourage you to visit our sister company, Scintrex Ltd., for more information on their products and services.

Current polar motion values:
x = 0.2271
y = 0.3745