Gravimeter Applications & Workshops


Micro-g is pleased to announce the 7th biannual Absolulte Gravimeter Workshop 22-30 September, 2016 in Lafayette, Colorado. Please click here for details..

Geophysical Research

  • Detection of vertical crustal motion
  • Complementary verification of displacements measured with GPS and VLBI
  • Determination of the geoid
  • Volcanic magma flow monitoring (i.e. Mammoth Lakes)
  • Postglacial rebound studies
  • Uplift of subduction studies
  • Earthquake research
  • Long period tidal monitoring and modeling of earth anelasticity

Environmental Monitoring

  • Water table monitoring in deep and/or multiple aquifers
  • Nuclear waste management and cleanup
  • Global sea level studies for global warming

Exploration and Resource Management

  • Oil exploration
  • Mineral exploration

Precision Measurements and Calibrations

  • Pressure transducer and load cell calibration
  • Redefintiton of the kilogram in the SI system of units
  • Big G determinations and the equivalence principle
  • Calibration of superconducting of other high precision relative gravity meters

Inertial Navigation

  • Gravity reference station determinations
  • Relative gravity network control points
  • Establishing geodetic tie points for gravity networks
  • Defining the geoid