Online Absolute Gravity Papers

  • Gravity: Absolutely Essential for Canada's Geodetic Survey Program as it Approaches the New Millennium Jacques Liard and Richard Gibb (1996)
  • Applications of Absolute Gravity Measurements Summary of a planning Workshop funded by the National Science Foundation CIRES, Boulder, Colorado, March 22-23, 1993 Robin Bell (Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory), Roger Bilham (University of Colorado), Jim Brune (University of Reno, Nevada), Eric Canuteson (Scripps Oceanographic Institute), Bill Carter (NGS NOAA), Nick Courtier (GSC Ottawa), David Dater (NOAA Boulder), Ramesh Govind (CCAR Boulder), Richard Gross (JPL), Susanna Gross (CIRES, University of Colorado), Fred Klopping (NGS NOAA), Jim Faller (JILA Boulder), Jerry Geshwind (DMA, Cheyenne), Tom Herring Massachusetts Inst. of Technology), Richard Hilt (Colorado College, Colorado Springs), Mike Jackson (CIRES Boulder), Marcia McNutt (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology), Tim Niebauer (Axis Instruments, Boulder), Bishnu Phuyal (OSU Dept of Geodesy and Surveying), Tad Pfeffer (INSTARR Boulder), Lee Row (NOAA/NGDC Boulder), John Rundle (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Glenn Sassagawa (Earth Physics Laboratory, NOAA), William Updegrove (USGS Arizona), Tonie VanDam (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology), Lowell Whiteside (CIRES Boulder), Mark Zumberge (Scripps Oceanographic Institute)
    Written contributions from the following who could not attend the workshop: John Goodkind, Will Featherstone, Selwyn Sacks, Francis Wu, Rick Williams and Jaques Liard
Absolute gravity measurements can be of critical importance in testing models for earth system processes, either in conjunction with deformation measurements such as Global Positioning System (GPS) data, or as a separate data base. In addition, highly precise absolute gravity measurements can be of major importance in monitoring the changes associated with the progress of a variety of natural and man-induced processes. To explore these ideas, a workshop was held at the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, on March 22-23, 1993. As a result of the discussions conducted during the course of the workshop over the two days of meetings, a number of interesting and important applications of absolute gravity observations were described.