Micro-g LaCoste Borehole Survey Equipment

Micro-g LaCoste recently purchased Edcon's borehole gravity survey business including four L&R borehole gravimeters (BHGMs), borehole logging software, and an array of sondes (high-pressure, slim-low-pressure, and clamp-off). Currently these BHGM gravimeters are being upgraded and serviced.

Borehole Gravity Meter #10 on the bench Borehole Gravity Meter #10 heater test
Figure 1. BHGM #10 on the Bench Figure 2. BHGM #10 in heater test
Borehole Gravity Meter #10 in test Shuttle Sonde
Figure 1. BHGM #10 in test Figure 2. ShuttleSonde
Borehole logging software screenshot
Figure 2. BHGM software (unclamped)