Air-Sea Gravity System II

  • Gyros - The Air-Sea System II has solid-state Fiber-Optic Gyros (FOGs). The highest sensitivity possible using direct digital output. The system is also compatible with new mechanical gyros.
  • Digital Control System - The all-new digital control system stabilizes the platform and sensor, records data, and monitors system performance with greater reliability.
  • DSP Platform Control - A digital processor keeps the platform level independently of the system computer. This control system allows higher platform gain which gives faster response times and smaller errors.
  • Repeatability - Laboratory tests show a dynamic repeatability of better than 0.25 mGals.
  • Increased Precision - Internal sampling of the analog signals at 1000Hz improves accuracy, avoids aliasing, and produces 21 bit effective resolution.
  • Reliability - The new Air-Sea Gravity System II employs industrial-grade electronics designed for long life and high reliability even in adverse conditions, minimizing the need for operator intervention and maintenance. Built-in diagnostic functions will even assist the operator in troubleshooting and repairs when necessary. Spare electronicsare full modular plug-ins for less downtime.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply - An Uninterruptible Power Supply is standard on the system, insulating the system from power fluctuations. It accepts AC input voltage (80-265VAC)
  • Shaft Encoder Standard - Spring tension value is stored in permanent memory.
  • Stable Time Base - Ruibidium oscillator provides precision sampling.
  • GPS Interface - GPS data is recorded and a realtime E�tv�s correction is calculated.
  • Upgrade Your Meter! - Upgrades are available for all older L&R Air-Sea Gravity Meters.