Air-Sea Gravity System II

A new generation dynamic gravity meter

Hardware Features
1965 LaCoste & Romberg, manufacturers of high-precision gravity meters since 1939, introduced the world's first dynamically stabilized platform gravity meter. These meters revolutionized the geophysics world by making it possible, for the first time, to take highly accurate gravity measurements from a moving ship or aircraft. Since then, over a hundred of these instruments have sailed or flown around the world, logging millions of hours of gravity data.

L&R is proud to introduce our next-generation successor to the renowned S-Meter system: The L&R Air-Sea Gravity System II. Based on our famous, time-tested Zero-Length Spring™ sensor technology, the System II incorporates an advanced electronics system, user-friendly software, and a more compact, self contained sensor platform.

The Air-Sea Gravity System II offers capabilities unmatched by any stable-platform system currently in service. Fiber-Optic gyros, state of the art accelerometers, a tightly-integrated digital control system and modern digital filters offer increased precision and greater reliability, even while running unattended.